The dawn of each new day is a reminder to rewrite our story. Failing to heed the voice of that call may spell different things for different people.

It may mean the loss of some opportunities.

It may mean the loss of money or some other kinds of resources.

It may mean the end of a ‘season’.

It may mean the beginning of a negative event.

It may mean eternal gloom.

Rewriting our stories constitutes taking inventory of our lives, making amends, where necessary, and deciding on the way forward.

You see, any time you wake up in the morning, you have been given a blank cheque to write anything that you want and cash. What are you writing on the cheque for today?

Are you writing forgiveness, great decisions, a good plan for spending today, etc.?

Don’t begin your day clueless. Stay focused. Stay organised.

Someone can help you begin your day right. His name is Jesus. When you get into a relationship with Him, He helps you to deal with past mistakes and failures and look forward to a bright, blessed, beautiful, and productive day.

Have you given your heart to Him? What are you waiting for? His guidance does not end with this life. It continues for all eternity.

You have woken up again today. What are you going to do with the call to rewrite the story of your life?

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