To grow healthily in your faith in Christ, you need to undertake some spiritual exercises in addition to your regular devotion (expressed in prayers, Bible reading, fellowshiping with other believers, obeying God’s word, and telling others about Jesus).

Those exercises that you need to take shall be the foci of our series on ‘taking spiritual exercises’. Let us look at the first part of the series:

  1. Reading literature written by mature, Bible- believing and Spirit-controlled Christians or listening to messages/sermons preached by them or listening to Bible reading on tapes or your desktop/mobile device, regularly.
  2. Listening to, or reading, or singing Hymns and Songs, composed, written, directed, or sung by mature, Spirit-led Christians and meditating on the wordings of such Hymns and Songs
  3. Taking time to go without food or food and fluid for a day, part of a day or some days to pray more, study the Word of God, and spend more time in God’s presence, seeking His face (this is called fasting and praying). You can do this weekly or fortnightly or as led by God’s Spirit. Some difficult situations give way or are changed only when believers fast and pray. There are several ways we can fast and pray, as you will discover later in your walk with God

… watch out for part 2

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