The fall of man brought unthinkable consequences for man and the earth. I am sure that if man had known what would happen in the aftermath of the fall, he would have exercised some restraint in his choice of actions.

Today, man is broken. The earth is broken. Thoughts are broken. Expressions are broken. Solutions are broken, desires are broken, fellowship with God is broken …
There are scientists and researchers that are expending billions of dollars looking for a cure for the broken earth and humanity. The cure can only be found in Christ; and even at that, there will be no total cure until God restores all things at the end of time. The cure that they seek will only surface hereafter.

Did you know that before the fall of man, he
1. possessed divine life?
2. was innocent?
3. was simple?
4. was satisfied?
5. was hard working?
6. had dominion?
7. was law-abiding?
8. had decorum?
9. had a companion?
10. had provision?
11. had peace?
12. had fellowship with God?
13. was a son of God by creation and by relationship?

He threw all that away by a single decision – the decision to disobey God. Look at the present state of man and learn. When we disobey God, the consequences are grave. Don’t get your destiny broken. Don’t get your future broken. Don’t get that project broken. Don’t get the purpose broken. We do not have the ability to know all things. The One who alone knows all things is the best guide on this journey called life. If we allow Him, He will lead us into His purpose for us.

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