We don’t like it when people that we trust and have come to love betray us. We get disappointed and broken when a loyal friend becomes a listless foe. Betrayal dampens trust.

Betrayal happens when people give us away for no reason or some reason. Judas Iscariot was with Jesus throughout His earthly ministry. He went out and came in with Him. Jesus ate with him. He traveled with him. They dialogued. They worked towards the same goal. And so on. Judas was even the one that had the purse of the group. But there was a crack in the wall of his commitment to that relationship. Judas was a thief. They trusted him with their money but he stole from it.

When Satan began to search for an insider to use – to soften the ground for his malicious activity, he found Judas. When we allow a crack in the wall of our relationships, we fashion in ourselves a worthy vessel for Satan’s use. ‘Little sins’ against the people that love us and trust us give us away to the devil for bigger projects of betrayal. The little sins could be little envy, little resentment, little gossip, little quarrel or malice, etc. That little sin against that friend, family member, colleague, or partner would soon lead you to betray them. Judas eventually betrayed Jesus!

God loves and trusts us. We all belong to Him by creation. But He wants us to also become His by redemption. Like the father of the prodigal son, He has not been Himself since we wandered far from home. He wants us to come back home. He longs for a relationship with us. He is looking out for our return home. Let us not betray His love and trust. Our continuing sin and disobedience is a betrayal of His love and trust. Satan is looking for vessels that he could carry with him to the other side of eternity. Don’t allow him to find that vessel in you. Quickly come to God and repent of your sins. Ask Jesus into your life and live a life that is worthy of God’s Kingdom and family.

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