When we talk about Jesus giving eternal life to those who believe in Him, we speak of believers having the life of God in them.

Believers do not just wait to inherit eternal life in the life beyond the grave, they have the life of God working in them already! The life of God portends several possibilities in the believer:

1. Victory

2. Favour

3. Foresight

4. Communion

5. Revelations

6. Power

7. Blessings

8. Authority

9. and so on

The believer is not just a weak, beggarly soul only waiting for redemption. He has been redeemed already – redeemed from the eternal consequences of the fall of man!

Bible asserts that Jesus is the life of the believer. To live is Him. And to die is gain.

If you are a believer, let this consciousness arise in you. If you are not yet a believer, you are missing something great. You need to become one. You need the life of God in you. Accept Jesus Christ into your heart today.

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