I lived near a relation several years ago, he was a polygamous middle-aged man with many kids. He was a good man who went about catering to the needs of his household. This great man had 2 deceased friends. I came around his home one day to see him dispatching large portions of unprocessed food to the widows of his friends. That was a regular practice, I guess. I couldn’t help imagining how good the man was that he honoured, and thought about the family of, his deceased friends. Many a friend does not even care for the plight of their living ‘friend’. Imagine what happens when they are dead and gone.

Everyone needs a friend who loves unconditionally. That friend who loves us the way we are and not for anything that they get or intend to get from us is a true friend.

Everyone needs a friend – a true friend. Friendship portends love and companionship. Friendship is a privilege that we must respect and cherish. When we make the right Investments into the right friendship, we can access the dividends of those investments for a long time to come.

A human friend can only attend to the concerns of their friend within the limitations of their nature. But there is a friend who loves beyond boundaries because he is not human. Everyone needs that friend. A friend that will be your lifeline in this life and throughout eternity. You need that friend. A friend that loves in life and loves in death. You need that friend. A friend that can defend you against the enemy of your destiny and soul and intercede for you before the Almighty God. You need that friend.

The friend that you need is Jesus. He is a friend in life and a friend throughout all eternity. You need his friendship. Life is too unpredictable to navigate it all alone. Make friends with this good man. Friendship with Jesus begins with recognising His Lordship and asking Him to become your friend after you have asked God to forgive your many sins and receive you into His family.

Insure your life and eternal destiny with the friendship of Jesus Christ. He is a friend that you can trust.

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