When David received that injunction to decide between 3 punishments, he didn’t wait forever to make his choice. He knew God.

The fact was that he had transgressed in a matter that God has jurisdiction over. God was not happy with him. Punishment must attend for such misbehaviour. Our considerate God extended to the transgressor, David, His prerogative of mercy and the privilege of choice. The punishment that David chose was the one that was meted out to him and the nation.

As I look at that incident, I see God’s grace and mercy at work. The transgressor should have been punished immediately without the privilege of any choice in the matter. Is that not what we do? When someone hurts us, we decide to punish them by making some decisions or actions, sometimes, without their knowledge! But God treated David differently. He gave David a choice in the punishment of his transgression.

Don’t let anyone or any situation tell you otherwise. God is merciful and kind. You have transgressed his law by not getting into His family and walking His Way. But He has given you a choice. You can decide for Him or the enemy of your soul. His Spirit begs you to decide for God – for your good.

What will you do with God’s pleas? Disparage them or heed them? David had a choice. You have a choice to make. God’s grace is indescribably patient and overarching. But don’t trifle with it. The grace won’t be there forever.

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