God’s love is amazing. His grace is enormous. And, His mercies know no bounds.

He restores. He heals. He blesses.

The intricate working of His abilities are upon His creation. It is impossible to live or thrive away from His watchful eyes.

We imagine that He is not there, but He is patient with our ignorance. We ignore Him, but His loving bowels yearn upon us. We rebel against Him, but His entreaties are full of mercies.

What a God!

He endures the opposition of renegade creatures and gently invites them to come to Him so they can enjoy the bounties that He has prepared for them! Who does that?!

Trifling with this kind of benevolence will, doubtless, occasion a bitter harvest of woes.

This is the time to know Him. This is the moment to recognise His Lordship.

Come to the One who has promised to not let go of your hands until you get to your real home. Come to God through Jesus Christ, the Saviour of mankind.

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