Man had corrupted his way before God. He had become very sinful. He ceased not to commit sin and devise sinful principles and strategies routinely.

God was not happy with that ugly development. His purpose for creating man on the earth and putting him in charge of all His creation appeared to be heading down an undesirable road.

Amid this toxic and reprobate generation, there was a man who retained the fear of God and had regard for His righteous demands on His creation. That man’s name was Noah. God took notice of His uncommon disposition and determined to do something great with him.

God destroyed everyone on the earth with a deluge, except Noah and his household. Noah and these 7 other family members became the parents of everyone who has walked the earth since that cataclysmic event.

Yes, a tree does make a forest.

You don’t need to follow the pernicious ways of society. You don’t always need to stand with the majority. Take your stand with the truth, no matter how unpopular. God is taking note of your disposition, and that is what matters in the final analysis.

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