When a loved one is navigating an unnecessarily dangerous path, we plead with them to leave that path. We cry for them – sometimes, overtly and at other times, covertly or in our hearts.

The heart that loves is always burdened with the ills that attend to the lives that it is affectionately connected to. We weep when loved ones suffer or are on their way to a bad destination because we love them and somehow know better.

Jesus loves you. He sees when you choose a path that bequeaths eternal tragedy. And He cries for you. His bowels of affection yearn upon you with such intensity that tears inevitably run down His cheeks continually for you. What love!

How would react to this love? Live or behave as if it doesn’t exist or run into His loving embrace, seeking to love Him back?

Jesus won’t cry for you forever. His Spirit will not plead with you indefinitely. The door of His mercy would close on you soon. However, that door is still open for you today. Make use of it. Do not realise when it is too late that you were foolish and recklessly daring for not walking through that door while His compassion called.

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