When Jesus met Zacchaeus, his life could best be described as ‘hopeless’. He was a money bag who made a part of his fortune through manipulative and predatory business moves. He must have thought that was the way to live. He didn’t have any hope beyond this life as his nefarious ‘business’ activities negated the prevailing religious doctrines of his day and the good news of Jesus Christ.

One day, Jesus visited the home of Zacchaeus. Hope visited this predatory ‘business mogul’. He recognised hope when he saw Him! Catalytic! Jesus is our hope. Jesus brings hope to everyone. His hope catalyses faith in us. Halleluyah!

When you see hope, do you recognise Him? Hope presents in messages, prospects, and dispositions. Zacchaeus recognised hope in the visit of Jesus. An opportunity to repent presented itself and Zacchaeus seized it. He repented of his sins and declared his intention to right all the wrongs he had done to people during his career. Eruptive! Receiving the hope that Jesus gives inspires us to act right. He received the pardon of the One Who died to rescue us all from sin and its consequences.

Hope is presenting itself before you today. What are you going to do with it? Pardon for sin and the hope of Jesus is waiting for you today. Seize it.

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