Hell is real. It is a place of utter despair, disillusionment, and unspeakable torments.

Who goes to hell?

Those who reject Christ will go to hell.

Those who fail to do what it takes to inherit eternal life will spend eternity in hell.

Those who fail to ‘keep step’ with God’s requirements of holy living and righteous dispositions will end up in hell.

Those who practice religion without the substance – true devotion to God through Jesus Christ, will undoubtedly be in hell eventually.

Those who have not repented of their sins and turned with faith toward God through Jesus Christ will be in hell.

Hell is forever. Those who go to hell will remain in hell forever. At the ‘end of time’, hell and its contents will be cast into the lake of fire, where its inhabitants will be tormented day and night forever and ever. That is eternal death.

There will be unending cries, heart-wrenching sorrows, and indescribable punishment in hell. And that, forever!

To escape hell, we need Jesus. We need Him to become the Lord of our lives. We need Him to save us. We need Him to escape hell and inherit eternal life.

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