Sometimes, the truth of God’s Word is pungent and the verdict of His counsel is directly troubling.

It is soothing to the human mind to assume or conclude that they are doing the right thing – they believe the right concepts, they are following the right religion, they are working with the right principles.

But, sometimes, belief systems are wrong and the human mind can harbour subtle deceptions. At such times, sweet fables that hold no eternal value are believed as the truth, empty soul-damning philosophies are held on to with a desperate grip, and religious ‘fantasies’ are more appealing than the brutal truth.

God’s Word is clear on the matters of redemption and salvation of man. God’s Word teaches clearly that Jesus Christ is the only mediator between God and man. Simply put, salvation means having Jesus in one’s life. He that has Jesus has life – eternal life (1 John 5:11-12).

Don’t get confused by the prevailing opinions of the day. God’s Word is timeless. Believe in God’s Word and act on it. Get Jesus into your life and walk with Him.

Don’t get to the end of your life only to discover that you have walked the wrong path all your life. If you do, you will regret ever being born.

A word is enough for the wise.


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