At the centre of every subtle rebellion against God and/or His concerns is the purpose of the enemy to drag some souls to hell.

You don’t want to go to hell or be the medium through which people access that horrible place of eternal torment!

Don’t become a catalyst of eternal doom for your followers on social media, friends, or family members. Refrain from discussing issues that you do not understand as if you know them.

If you lack the knowledge of God, go and study. It is foolish to neglect the matter on which all other matters in space and time hang and concentrate on other matters of fleeting concern. Brute foolishness.

Your fluent expression and flippant assertions may be purchasing eternal doom for you. Consider your ways and make amends.

You begin to know God when you surrender to His authority. His authority will direct a ‘re-education’ and ‘re-socialization’ for you and cause you to understand His ways.

You may then emerge from your learning to utter words that may promote God’s Kingdom and mediate glorious destinies to many.

Until then, please keep quiet!

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