We make different choices routinely. The choices we make influence our life and welfare.

You are where you are today mostly because of the choices of yesterday. You will be somewhere tomorrow because of the choices of today.

One of the choices we make in life is the choice of where to spend the long, long, eternity.

We make this choice when we decide to follow, unfollow, or reject Christ.

The choice to follow Christ or not is the ultimate choice. It informs where we will spend eternity – the hereafter.

So, you see that you are the sole determinant of your eternal destiny. You decide where to spend your hereafter.

Those who come to God through Jesus Christ will spend the endless time in the hereafter, called eternity, with God in heaven – eternal bliss, while those who attempt to reach out to God through other means or fail to even get into a relationship with God will spend eternity away from God in the most horrible and gloomy place there ever is – hell.

Are you deciding for Christ and heaven or against Christ and for eternal punishment? The choice is yours.

You can make eternity with God in heaven happen for you! Yes, you can.

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