Today is Good Friday. Christians commemorate the death of Jesus in a special way today.

On the first Good Friday, Jesus was crucified at Calvary for you and for me. Some critics deny this event, but the evidence of this event is all around us. He actually suffered and died the cruel death on the cross to deliver those who would thereafter put their trust in Him from sin and its consequences. The countless testimonies beaming from different corners of the Earth of the transforming power of trusting Him is the major evidence that we need to appropriate that event in our own life.

No matter how we try to deny the truth of Christ’s death for humanity, the truth goes on existing. Wisdom demands that we jettison denialism and go all out to Him ‘outside the camp’, where He was crucified to seek His salvation. God has bestowed our eternal destiny on what we do with His death. Denying this fact will not change the outcome. Jesus Himself says, ‘I am the way, the truth and the life; no man comes unto the father but by me’

Today should be a day for sober reflection. Jesus died so you might be delivered from sin and its consequences. What does Jesus’s death mean to you? What are you doing with Jesus? You can change the trajectory of your life today. Don’t languish away in bad habits, bad things, bad thoughts, bad words, and guilt. Jesus has a better plan for your life.

We call this day, ‘Good Friday’ because the death of Jesus Christ on this day over 2000 years ago brought life and health and healing and deliverance and eternal life to man. Make this Friday good in deed in your life by embracing Him today. Tell God that you are sorry for all your sins and ask Him to forgive you for all of them. Then, ask Jesus to come into your to become your Lord and personal Saviour.

If you have prayed this prayer from your heart, ask us to send you the book, ‘Help for the beginner in Christ’[email protected]

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