What are the things that you hold so dear to your heart – those things that you think about every day, those things that you can never give up for anything?

We all have things that are dear to us. We cherish them, relish their thoughts, and, sometimes, even promote them. Think for a moment about the things that you love or that are close to your heart. Do you know that you will lose them one day? I mean, you will lose every single one of them.

I thought to remind us about the futility of earthly pursuits without Christ.

The property, the money, the fame, the friends, the means, the connections, the businesses, the certificates, the bank accounts, the children, the equities, the food, the jewelry, the girls, the boys, the men, the women, the knowledge, the skills. Vanities.

Every human is dust and will surely return to dust without any accompaniment. That is our shared humanity! No body knows where and when they might end up. Why all the madness over dust?! Why all the arrogance on social media. Why all the boastful dispositions?

‘… for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return.’ (Genesis 3:19b KJV). That is the verdict. Be wise. Be humble. Earthly possessions are fleeting. Only a life that is lived for Christ will last. I thought to remind us.

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