Sandals are simple footwears that people make use of. Sandals, like other footwear protect the feet and promote comfort, convenience, and wellness for the feet.

Sandals are also symbolic of one’s purpose or office. Just like we say of shoes, ‘his shoes are too big for me to step into’, stepping into someone’s shoes is taking over a purpose or office from the person. It means functioning in someone’s office – in their place, especially after their passing or the expiration of their tenure of office.

John Zacharias who later became known as John the Baptist was already operating in his God-ordained office before he met Jesus. His encounter with Jesus heralded the beginning of Jesus’ public ministry. He had this testimony about Jesus: “… there is one coming later who can do more than I can. I am not good enough to untie his sandals…” (Luke 3:16 ICB).

John referred to Jesus’ sandals. In a sense, that testimony of John means that he wasn’t good enough to serve Him. But in another sense, it means that he couldn’t step into His shoes!

No one can step into the shoes of Jesus. His purpose is unique. He has a continual ministry that will never need anyone to take over. No one can function in His office – in His place. Jesus is Lord and Saviour. Since no one can step into the shoes of Jesus, every claim of a Saviour or Lord outside of Jesus Christ is misleading and disastrous. Every promise of a paradise or heaven outside Jesus is a false promise that is predicated on false hope.

Don’t follow what the Bible refers to as “cunningly devised fables”. Don’t get to the end of your life only to discover that you have been traveling on the wrong road all your life.

Today is the day to commit to the mighty, irreplaceable Lord and Saviour.

Today is the day to turn to Him, forsaking all other self-proclaimed and self-styled ‘saviours’.

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