Social vices have a profound influence on society. They redefine values for young people. They redesign customs. They modify even societal institutions where they are allowed. They pervert destinies and thwart honest inclinations. These are obvious influences.

There is another influence that is not overt. We cannot observe it directly now, but it is there. It does not feel like it will mean anything now, but it will eventually mean everything. Social vices have a great and eternal impact on the soul of man. That is why we have this advice from the scriptures: ‘Dearly beloved, I beseech you as strangers and pilgrims, abstain from fleshly lusts, which war against the soul;’ (1 Peter 2:11 KJV).

Here are common examples of social vices:

1. prostitution

2. indecent dressing

3 robbery

4. cultism

5. pocket-picking

6 drug addiction

7. exam fraud

8. hooliganism

9. thuggery

10. gambling

11. smoking

12. premarital sexual activity

13. rape

14. terrorism

15. bribery

16. pornography

17. drug abuse

That vice that you love is making a huge war against your soul. It aims to damn your soul forever. It may not appear like it, but that is what it is. Your soul will bear the brunt of your romance with vices. Denying this truth does not change the facts. Social vices damn souls.

You can turn away from that vice today. Jesus can help you to reset your world.

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