It is a good thing to be ambitious. But, a misplaced or greedy ambition? Destructive. It is a perversion of the essence of the craft.

A king’s son who was supposed to enjoy his position as a prince of a burgeoning God-favoured kingdom inadvertently gave up that privilege and even the prospect of being considered for kingship because he had a misplaced ambition. He wanted to be king, prematurely.

Absalom staged a coup d’état against his father, the king (David), but the coup failed and he was brutally executed in one of the most gruesome ways to die. What an end! He didn’t die alone, many people – citizens of Israel, lost their lives in that treasonous insurrection and gun for the throne of Israel. A misplaced or greedy ambition is dangerous. It hurts.

Being ambitious is good. But, a misplaced or greedy ambition can be injurious. Young people are inundated with the pressure to ‘make it’ at all costs. The world projects quick money-making opportunities and fast fame-milking strategies as king. Keying into some of those opportunities can be greed-sponsoring, delusional, even. Young people need God-honouring and skills- and talents-exploring ambitions.

You need an ambition that can help you to give full expression to the purpose and gifts of God in your life and that will not stand against you in God’s judgement. To do this, you need to surrender completely to God’s authority in your life and learn to build a great future with Him. This is how to be a great personality in time and eternity.

” … it is a good thing that the heart be established with grace; …” (Hebrews 13:9 KJV)


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