Mr. Jacob Isaac loved his son. The son was born to him at his old age so he became fond of him. The love that he had for this son was overt. Everyone around could notice the affection. The son responded to this privilege by being close and obedient to the father.

There is a connection between love and giving. It is impossible to love without giving. We give of our substances, time, thoughts, and, sometimes, even our lives to the person or people that we love. Mr. Isaac got a tailor to make a special coat for his son, Joseph. It was a beautiful coat – a coat of many colours. Custom made. The coat became the symbol of his affection for that son.

As I think of this sort of love that couldn’t but give – which gave a precious and easily recognisable gift to a worthy son, I am reminded of the love that God has for man. God’s love also could not but give – this time around, to a ‘worthless’ son (by creation). Worthless because the enemy had ruined the plan of God for man and man was headed toward destruction. God’s bowels yearned upon us. He gave His only begotten Son, Jesus to die for man. This is a precious and easily recognisable gift! That is our custom-made coat.

Joseph Jacob responded to his father’s love by becoming close and obedient to him. How would you respond to God’s love? You should also respond to Him by becoming close and obedient to Him. We should put on our custom-made coat. We should put on the Lord, Jesus. Closeness to God begins by becoming born again. How do we become born again? We come to God in humility, confessing our sins to Him and inviting Jesus, who died for us, into our lives as Lord and Saviour. We become obedient to God when we take great care to obey His revealed Will in His Word – the Holy Bible.

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