The semi-atheist cannot come clean with the denial of God’s existence, but he subtly resents and teaches against some vital elements of the true worship of, and absolute surrenderedness to, God. He arrogates some of God’s acts to some mundane or clandestine concepts and theories.

He feeds his transactional mind with alternatives to the concept of God and the Kingdom lifestyle. He stops going to Church. He concentrates all efforts and his time on his career or business. He makes good progress. He declares that God is not in the equation of success. He thinks less of the endless life beyond this.

He thinks that the worship of God is for earthly aggrandisement alone. He thinks that he is happy. He relishes the fleeting joy of earthly accomplishments and shows whoever cares to observe, the things that the resilient power of his will and thought process have procured for him.

The semi-atheist seems to forget that earthly accomplishments and glories are ephemeral. He seems to forget that his time on the earth is limited. He seems to forget that he will surely face the One that created him and that he resents in judgement. He forgets that all the people who ignore God will spend eternity away from Him in the lake that burns with fire and brimstone (Psalms 9:17)

The semi-atheist is dangerous. He could drag you away from God and along with him to the place of undying agony and perdition. Sift the words of this crony carefully. Don’t destroy your soul with the sword of a semi-atheist.

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