A flimsy and haphazard commitment to God cannot lead to anything meaningful in this life and in the hereafter.

When we desire to worship God without making a deep commitment to follow Him all the way, we make a mockery of our entire lives.

When we view our relationship with God as only transactional (when I give this, He will always give that …), we make mechanise of our own salvation and jeopardize our eternal destiny.

When we are more committed to our source of livelihood than we are to God, His cause, and His Word, we are courting multiple disasters.

When we worship God but still commit our sins when there is opportunity, we are doubtless flying on the multiple wings of an eternal tragedy.

God calls those who will follow Him to a life of genuine and deep commitment to Him. He should be first in your life.

To develop an unalloyed commitment to God, we need salvation. We become saved when we trust God enough to approach Him seeking the forgiveness of our sins, ask Jesus in our hearts, and live as intentionally as His Word dictates.

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