There was a great man of the East who had tremendous energy and demonstrated enthusiasm for the things of God in his day. He had knowledge of the ways of God and he taught that to numerous people. In fact, he moved from place to place spreading the light that he knew and promoting punishment for ‘naysayers’.

The man had never met Jesus. He thought that the ‘Jewish religion’ was the ultimate. He read the holy book of his religion diligently and executed all the prescribed religious activities with candour. He was zealous for his religion and could kill for his beliefs and his God. He thought that he was on the right path. How badly a man can drift into a catastrophic delusion.

One day, Jesus met with him. The words that Jesus spoke to him that day could partly be summed up as, ‘Brother Saul, someone died for you’. Those words changed the trajectory of that man’s life and ministry. He became Paul, the Apostle. He did great things for the kingdom of God.

I came to tell you today that ‘Someone died for you’. His name is Jesus. Denying that truth doesn’t change the fact. Someone died for you. Don’t live as if no one died for you. Don’t live as if you are the architect of your own life. Someone died for you. Surrender your life to Him and live to please Him.

Your eternal destiny depends on what you do with the death of Jesus for you. If you appropriate His death for you, you will inherit eternal life. On the other hand, if you treat His death for you with levity or you live in denialism, you will inherit eternal damnation. Choose which you will do. The decision is yours.

Someone died for you.

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