As we journey through life, we encounter different experiences – some are sweet, some are bitter, and some are neutral. There may be turbulence. There may be absolute calm. Those experiences make or mar us.

We do not have the same troubles. We do not have the same triumphs. We do not experience the same things. Battles and triumphs differ from person to person. And so does each person’s response to them.

Life happens to everyone.

In the heat of the pressures of life, it is human to desire a shoulder to lean on – someone to confide in, someone who can help bear some burden. That instinct in us cannot be fully satisfied by another human. That instinct is a yearning towards the One who can truly stand by us and give us the help and comfort that we need at such times.

I came to tell you today that Someone cares for you. His name is Jesus. Don’t bear your burdens alone as life happens. Turn to the One who alone can help bear your burdens effectively – Jesus.

You turn to Him when you make Him your friend. For Jesus to become your friend, you should seek God’s forgiveness for staying far from Him and for your sins. Then, you should ask Jesus, the burden bearer, into your heart and life as your Saviour.

If you have done these when the next adversity knocks at your door, you already know whom to turn to – the Jesus in your heart and life!

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