A king went into a battle that did not concern him. The invading army came to settle their score with an ‘offending’ kingdom. But the target-king felt that he couldn’t face the assailant without the help of another kingdom so he invited his king-friend to help.

The king-friend was Jehoshaphat. The target-king was Ahab. There was a special war strategy that the invading kingdom had deployed. Everyone was to focus on Ahab. Ahab had his strategy. Jehoshaphat was to enter into the battleground with his kingship robe while didn’t.

When the battle began, the enemy thought that Jehoshaphat was Ahab and made for him! At that instant, he cried unto the Almighty God for help and He helped him. That was how he escaped humiliation and untimely death. Had he not had a relationship with God! There are situations that you would find yourself in that your only saving grace will be the relationship that you have with God. If you do not have a relationship with God at such times, you can imagine what happens.

Getting involved with God has benefits for the present life and that which is to come. Get to know God experientially.

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