Many things in life come with a cost. There are light costs and there are heavy costs.

Choices about nonessential activities may incur light costs. But, choices concerning weighty matters bring on weightier costs.

Some choices should not be left to chance or postponed. One such choice is the choice of where to spend eternity.

As you go about deciding to follow the crowd or society on some salient issues of life, have you counted the cost?

As you go about playing down the issues of God, holy living, and the requirements for eternal life, have you counted the cost?

As your religious or cultural worldview rejects the person and/or ministry of Jesus in the redemption of man, and you subscribe to that worldview, have you counted the cost?

As you spend your time exclusively on the concerns of this life, leaving no time for a thorough search or thought for the truth, have you counted the cost?

The cost.

Have you counted the cost?

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