The burden of sin weighs heavily on everyone who has not been genuinely born again.

The guilt of sin, the cost of sin, the shame that is attendant to sin, the scourge of sin, etc.

They may deny this but it is true.

They may try to live as if this is not true but the reality is there.

Forget the fierce opposition that they keep putting up on social media against the idea of their sinful lifestyle taking a toll on them.

Forget their pretentious stance on religious matters.

Forget their ignorant defense of the religion or philosophies that they subscribe to.

Somewhere deep in the heart of every unregenerate soul is a helpless cry for redemption.

They might try to fill that hunger with other things but it will still be there.

Jesus is calling you today. He wants to help you bear the heavy burden of your sin.

Don’t hesitate to come to Him. Let Him have His Way in your life and that secret hunger of your heart will be filled.

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